MWT testimonials

Beualh Joy

Wesley, New Zealand

No matter what you ask for, if you have asked in faith, you will receive it. (Mark 11:24) I may never knew the true meaning and power that dwell in this word, if I never been through the hardship to find a dream job under the help of Almighty God.
Though I had enquired through different agencies at Ernakulam regarding nursing career options, I wasn’t satisfied with their competence and the assistance I received. But when I came to MWT, I was very happy because the place was apt for my search. I didn’t find any drawbacks in their communication or processing works.
I was very impressed with the staff in MWT, Ernakulam. The fact that they were well aware of the different colleges abroad and the programs offered by them, made me confident to choose their service in securing an admission in one of the most reputed colleges in New Zealand. I am very thankful to Ms TILU JOSEPH & Mrs SUMITHA who helped me with my Visa documentation. They were ready to offer any help or advice whenever I approached them. I would definitely suggest MWT to my friends who are planning to go abroad for further studies.
Once again I would like to thank the whole team for making my dreams come true!