MWT testimonials

Gireesh C.K

IHNA, Australia

I would be extremely remiss if I did not take a few minutes to send you a short note thanking you for your service and assistance in our recruitment needs. I would like to express my deepest thanks to the MWT team members. I have always looked up to you and have been honored to be part of your MWT family. Your positive outlook and down-to-earth qualities are commendable. I have been treated with respect and a professional approach by all the staff members involved with MWT. Their efficiency and efforts never went unnoticed with me. My recruiter is great at what she does. I have been working with her for less than a year, but I have a very personal relationship, which makes it easier to discuss things with her. I feel like I am her main concern when finding me assignments and making sure I am well taking care of. She is a great person to work with because she has my best interests at heart. I have always found all the MWT staff to be friendly, courteous, professional, and compassionate about my needs. I had a great time in Australia – the service provided by the IHNA staff was extraordinary, and they helped in guiding my each and every moment throughout the whole process- in India as well as Australia. Finally I was successful in acquiring a job in Melbourne. They have a high standard and great work ethics and have in-depth knowledge about the situation in Australia. I would not hesitate to use your firm again to meet my recruitment needs. Again, thank you for your assistance and service.