Mr Keerthic Poulose

The best decision I have made in my life was to approach MWT Education Consultancy for my Bridging programme in Australia. Enrolling with MWT was rather an easy choice to make. Whenever I thought of seeking guidance to study and work abroad, the name of MWT came to mind, due to the outstanding success of numerous candidates in the past- something that has become a habit at MWT! The interactions with the faculty were nothing less than marvellous. They never gave a chance for me to feel at a low, as their encouragement always held me in good stead. Their acumen especially while dealing with the complex issues of application processing (which sounded incomprehensible for candidates!) not to mention, assistance with all the financial and visa matters, is truly commendable. In contrast with the experience with other agencies, I can always say MWT stands out, beyond any doubt. MWT has made its way to the top, out running all the others and will continue to grow. I do anticipate the continuing guidance and assistance in terms of getting prepared for the registration process and during the placement process as well. The preparatory class held in MWT is imperative for professionals to sharpen their expertise and remain competent. It well served its purpose of providing all the candidates with the latest information in the field of Nursing in Australia, which would indeed help professionals to adapt to their new environment smoothly. I would always love to extend my sincere gratitude towards MWT, for orchestrating their relentless efforts to make it the finest consultancy in the country, always leading and leaving trails behind and also for standing tall as a guiding star for students.