MWT testimonials

Rittu Thomas Rajan

IHNA Australia

MWT is an institution that helped me to build my chosen career. With its long standing reputation for excellent service to students, getting into a country like Australia becomes a simple process. One needs to follow a certain pathway to go through- right from applying for the decision letter to finding a job that suits one’s talents;from shortlisting selection criteria to extending the Visa- there are so many instances where plenty of support and guidance are required- and MWT lived up to its excellent reputation! I have seen friends who did not get assistance from MWT struggle to get even basic accommodation … and I must say MWT has done an excellent job by helping me every step of the way. I’m using this opportunity to say thanks to MWT for the service rendered by the entire team, especially people like Jairaj Thomas and Lekha Sabu who worked tirelessly to help us.They were always available on the phone, and took the time to clarify every little doubt we had.