MWT testimonials

Serene John

Universal College of Learning, NZ

New Zealand certainly is a dream destination for nurses, but reaching there is not an easy task. The procedures leading up to successful registration for a CAP seat in a reputed college are quite arduous.After getting my Decision letter , I was casting about for a good education consultancy to help me realize my dreams of a nursing career in New Zealand. I explored many agencies and found that almost all of them demanded a high service charge, and did not have a high success rate. Even then , having no choice, I registered with an agency and began the wait for an offer letter from the college. UCOL was one of the colleges which was in my preference list, but this agency could not get me a seat. At this point, fortunately, a friend of mine from Australia recommended MWT Consultancy. Their competent counselors got me an offer letter from UCOL very quickly, and they guided me through every step of the process to accomplish my dream. Their charges were extremely reasonable too! There was a time when I was very tense as it was taking long for my visa processing, but the cool and experienced counselors supported me through this trying period, and I got my visa within the right time.I would like to express my deepest thanks to MWT team members, and especially to SONIYA VIVEK and ANEX who had been my counselors and worked for me throughout the process.I would not hesitate to employ your service again to meet my recruitment needs.My experience with MWT is outstanding and I wish them all the best for their future endeavors. Thanks and regards Serene John.