MWT testimonials

Sonia Valsan

IHNA, Australia

It is my privilege to give a testimonial for MWT Consultancy. My first interaction with the team started 8 months back when I was desperate for a placement for the most sought after bridging program in Australia i.e the IRON program. Initially I had registered with another agency for my paper work in order to get the decision letter from the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA). It took me more than 6 months to get the same. Moreover time and again I was required to submit documents which could have delayed the process. After I had the decision letter in hand, the next step was to get placement into an institution. Unfortunately they were not able to place me anywhere for the next 4 months. Time was flying and my decision letter would expire in 8 months. That’s when I decided to get in touch with MWT. To this day I don’t regret that decision. Things were now moving and I got a placement with IHNA Melbourne. Within a month’s time I was able to apply for the visa which I got within 2 months. In 5 months time I reached Melbourne and have now successfully completed the course. I would like to appreciate the team for the efforts put in. They are truly a well organized and professional group. They know what is required to be done and when, where, how and why. I must have called my counselors umpteen times to find out things. But they were always very patient and approachable. There were times when I even lost my temper but they were calm and answered all my questions with equanimity. They were well versed with the steps involved in the application processand very accommodating. They helped me with all transactions despite the fact that we were interacting across 2 states. I should have enrolled first itself and thereby could have avoided the delay. But as the saying goes, “Better late than never”. I take this opportunity to thank the entire team for their timely help and professional work. I am glad to have been associated with the group.
Thank you once again.