Beualh Joy

MWT Testimonials
Wesley, New Zealand
No matter what you ask for, if you have asked in faith, you will receive it. (Mark 11:24) I may never knew the true meaning and power that dwell in this word, if I never been through the hardship to find a dream job under the help of Almighty God. Though I had enquired through different agencies at Ernakulam regarding nursing career options, I wasn’t satisfied with their competence and the assistance I received. But when I came to MWT, I was very happy because the place was apt for my search. I didn’t find any drawbacks in their communication or processing works. I was very impressed with the staff in MWT, Ernakulam. The fact that they were well aware of the different colleges abroad and the programs offered by them, made me confident to choose their service in securing an admission in one of the most reputed colleges in New Zealand. I am very thankful to Ms TILU JOSEPH & Mrs SUMITHA who helped me with my Visa documentation. They were ready to offer any help or advice whenever I approached them. I would definitely suggest MWT to my friends who are planning to go abroad for further studies. Once again I would like to thank the whole team for making my dreams come true!

Leeja Mathew

MWT Testimonials
IHNA Australia
My whole life is a testimony that God still performs miracles and that’s how I came to know about the MWT Consultancy, Ernakulam. I am utterly obliged by the utmost services provided by the entire crew, especially Ms.Sunanda and Ms.Lincy. I would have never succeeded without their guidance and more of their wonderful support. I approached MWT for the Australian processing while I was working in KSA. It was Ms.Sunanda, the Asst Manager, Counselling with whom I first started my journey with. I hardly had anyone in Kerala to look after my paper works. Managing both my work and the paper works wouldn’t have been really possible without her. She was always there with an answer to all my queries and solution to all my problems. It was Ms.Lincy, the Documentation Executive to whom the rest of my paper works were passed on to, another wonderful person. She was the one who actually helped me to reach the finishing point and to step onto my dreamland ‘Australia’. Further on I completed my 3 months IRON program in Perth, IHNA with my placements in Victoria. It was good to be a part of that college. I had trouble in job hunts and was jobless for 2 months (which is not actually a big deal in Australia for those with sound finances but I was in trouble) due to lack of sponsors even though I had a sound experience. But by Almighty’s grace I could actually get a sponsored job in Canberra, ACT. Being in Australia was always I desired of and my Lord made my dream come true through MWT.I love Australia and really enjoy the places around. Thank you guys !!! I would never hesitate to recommend you guys to any of my friends. Whenever I look back from where I started to where I am and where God is taking me to, all I can say is “Thank You Jesus”.

Muthuvenkatachalam Srinivasan

MWT Testimonials
IRON – IHNA /Perth Intake
Good day to you! I’m Muthuvenkatachalam Srinivasan and I wanted to share my my experience with the MWT Education Consultancy team. I approached them for my Nursing Board application, and was very impressed with their professional approach and knowledge. Ms. Sumita helped me a lot during the process of AHPRA decision letter application, and Ms. Lincy was of immense help during Visa application. The information provided was very relevant and the overall outcome was very positive. Thank you to the whole MWT team!

Jitcy Thomas

MWT Testimonials
I’m Jitcy Thomas and I had approached MWT Education Consultancy, Kottayam for my Nursing Board application. The MWT Kottayam team have provided excellent services, and without their advice, it would have been very difficult for me to undergo all the processes on my own. The team is very professional, and I especially commend Ms. Lekha, Soumya and Sonia for their excellent work and support. They really know their job well and were always very warm and approachable. They clarified all my doubts and concerns on the spot. The information they provided was spot on and very relevant and they were well updated with all the latest updates in the field. My processing period was very short, thanks to their clear and lucid guidance. Thank you so, so much MWT Kottayam!

Logaa Balusamy

MWT Testimonials
Competency Assessment Programme
Universal College of Learning(UCOL), NZ
I would like to express my heartiest thanks to MWT for their sincere efforts to help me achieve my dream. I am from Coimbatore and I have not met any of the MWT staff in person. The conversations between us have only been over the phone. I am writing this message to justify that they can definitely be trusted!

Glory Wilson

MWT Testimonials
IHNA Australia
It is my immense pleasure to write a testimonial for MWT consultancy. But these words are not enough to express my gratitude towards the crew behind this institution. I approached them for my Australian registration and IRON program. The assistance which they gave me was excellent. I want to appreciate the guidance which they gave me for my initial registration for AHPRA. Ms.Leksmi ( my counsellor) did an excellent job in guiding me for my registration process and was there to help me in all my process. I also want to thank Ms.Lincy, Ms.Soniya Vivek, Ms Sunandha and Ms. Anjali who helped me through other process like college admission, Visa Process and ticketing. The patience and efficiency of all the staff is excellent. They supported me and was there to help me to clear all my queries all the time. I can say without MWT, my dream to enter into Australia wouldn’t happen at all. I recommend everyone who are trying abroad to consult MWT because they can make your dream comes true. I thank God for connecting me wih this agency so that i could make all these happen.

Binoj Paul

MWT Testimonials
Work Visa
New Zealand
Hi, My name is Binoj Paul and I am really thankful to my agency MWT for helping me get my work visa in New Zealand. To get a work visa for a graduate diploma in nursing course is very difficult, and many people who applied through other agencies faced the problem of visa rejection. MWT helped me to get my visa within two weeks, and currently I am working here in New Zealand fulltime. I am really grateful for this and in my personal experience I can say that MWT is the best and the most trustworthy agency. My special thanks to Ann and Sony mam as well to all staff. Binoj Paul

Precilla Binoj Paul

MWT Testimonials
Graduate Diploma in Nursing
Hi, I am currently doing my Graduate Diploma Nursing course at UCOL, Palmers ton North, New Zealand. I would like to express my thanks to my agency MWT for all the assistance you have given me in getting admission to this course. I really appreciate the way you called and emailed me frequently, and kept me informed of what was happening, during each step of the processing period. The staff were very kind and really made our dreams to come true; I would like to specially mention and to thank Sony ma’m, Ann ma’m, Managers and all staff for their support. When I got my IELTS score it was hard to make the choice of the best consultancy to go with, and now I can say that I made the right choice by selecting MWT as my consultant. Even though I had some problems with immigration to get my visa, MWT approached my College at the right time to get an extension. They helped me to get this course extension twice, and I am doing my course now with the regular batch. Additionally, MWT approached the immigration office frequently to get my visa and I got my visa without any difficulties. Besides this, MWT also helped me to apply for my spouse visa and my husband got work visa within two weeks. Now he is also with me and working full time. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend this agency for others . Precilla Binoj Paul

Teena Jacob

MWT Testimonials
IHNA, Australia
MWT’s counselling department is outstanding! I am really thankful to my case manager for all the guidance and support provided throughout my entire time of processing with AHPRA, Admission and Visa. Their team members are very sincere, hardworking and reliable. I wish MWT Good Luck!

Sibin Vincent

MWT Testimonials
Post-Degree Business Management Diploma
Northern Lights college, Canada
I have been aided by the expertise of MWT Education Consultancy in pursuing my dream career in Canada. They were very kind and helpful through all the application process, and were always taking care of my questions and inquiries very promptly. Right from the beginning they were constantly present, through mail or phone calls, answering my doubts, giving me orientation about the steps and appropriate times to apply to the Institute and also follow-up the process of my visa application and approval. I really appreciate their guidance and support. MWT’s consulting program was incredibly well-planned and targeted to our needs. It was worth every rupee spent! Right now, I can say I’ve been accepted in one of the best schools in Canada. If you want to maximize your chances to become a real candidate to study overseas, the service provided by MWT Consultancy is your foremost option. Thank you for the support.

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