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About Mohawk College

Located in Hamilton, Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology is a public college of applied arts and technology that was set up during the formation of the educational system in Ontario as far back as 1966. Students can take their pick from over 130 full-time programs and apprenticeship programs and more than 1,000 continuing education courses. With a focus on health science and engineering technology education, Mohawk is known to be the largest trainer of apprentices in Ontario. English language training is on offer for overseas students, as also bridging programs for professionals who have obtained their qualifying degrees abroad in health sciences and engineering technology. With an eye firmly on the needs of the future, Mohawk equips students with all they need to face the challenges of tomorrow’s world. New-age technologies such as AI and Robotics, Biotechnology and digital health and cybersecurity take centre stage; and all efforts are taken to ensure that graduates are ready to take on the complexities of a digital future


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