About Nib Health Funds Ltd.

Nib Health Funds Ltd.

Nib Group is a reliable international health partner. It empowers its members to make judicious decisions and improve their overall health in the form of providing increased accessibility to inexpensive health services and information. Nib Group provides health and medical insurance to more than 1.5 million Australian and New Zealand residents. Health insurance is also provided to more than 160,000 international students and workers in Australia.
Nib is Australia's third largest travel insurer and world-wide distributor of travel insurance through business nib Travel. Nib provides financial protection and assurance to travelers at whichever place they are in the world.
NIB offers the following health insurance
Singles - Value for money health insurance for singles. Get just-in-case cover if you're young and fit or choose something more comprehensive for peace of mind.
Couples - Couples health insurance to suit your needs. Whether you're planning for kids or just planning to keep fit and well, we have health cover options for couples like you.
Families - Family health insurance to protect you all. Our covers are for families of any shape and size; from growing young families to established and single parent families.
Overseas student - Our health insurance will meet your student visa requirements. Family Health Cover
Overseas worker - Health cover to meet your TSS 482, 485 and 457 visa requirements.
Overseas visitor - We have overseas visitors cover for the Visa 600 and 601.

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