About University of Mauritius

University of Mauritius

The University of Mauritius is the national university of Mauritius. In terms of student enrollment and curriculum offered it is considered the oldest and largest university in the country. The main campus is situated at Réduit, Moka. The University of Mauritius was officially established by the University of Mauritius Ordinance in December 1965. The primary objective of UoM is to project itself as a research-engaged and entrepreneurial University. UOM plays an active role in building the human, intellectual, business and social capital needed for the country to develop an economy that is innovation-based. University of Mauritius has developed a three-way relationship to achieve this goal i.e. UoM-Government-Industry. UOM is also engaging closely with the community.

Courses in University of Mauritius

  • Msc Software Project Management
  • International Bachelor in Modelling & Data Science
  • Bachelor Of Applied Science In Cyber Operations
  • MBA in Innovation and Leadership

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