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Graduate Certificate – Health Systems Management

Course Details

Every health facility or organization relies on its technological systems to be organized. With the hard work of health system managers and administrators who make sure things run smoothly, doctors and nurses can perform their duties to the best of their ability. Fanshawe’s Health System Management program will prepare you for an exciting career in the field of Health Administration and e-health digital transformation.
As a student, you’ll discuss fascinating global advancements in the use of technology in electronic patient records, automated voice transcription, digital imaging concepts, ADT (admission-discharge-transfer) systems messaging and workflow. You’ll also develop valuable skills in protocol analysis using HL7 and Dicom, PHIPA/PIPEDA/Security, billing, and similar technology.
Upon graduation, this training will increase your marketability with employers who are looking for motivated graduates that understand the current systems that are used at health care facilities.
The program is also excellent preparation for students who are interested in additional qualification with Fanshawe certificates such as Project Management or Information Security Management.
In any professional setting, organization is key, but nowhere is this truer than when people’s medical data is on file. If you want to make a real difference, consider the Health System’s Management program.
Graduates will build skills useful within the healthcare field, leveraging their information technology and administrative experience in a variety of organizations. They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to assume Health Systems Management roles and ultimately management positions in the e-Health industry.

  • Minimum Level of Education Required: 2-Year Undergraduate Diploma
  • Min GPA: 50.0%
  • Min IELTS overall: 6.5 (Min Reading: 6.0, Min Writing: 6.0, Min Listening: 6.0, Min Speaking: 6.0)
  • Academic background preferably in either Information Technology, Mathematics, Writing, or Health Sciences is required



INR 5950.00 *

*Inclusive of applicable tax

University Details

Fanshawe College

Duration : 1 year

Entry Criteria :

  • IELTS overall 6.5 not less than 6
  • Agregate 50% in Bachelors

Delivery mode : Online/on campus


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